News Articles

Here is a collection of news articles and editorials, primarily from my time at Duke.


By Cliff Satell

Pot Doesn’t Kill Mexican Kids.  Duke Chronicle, September 10, 2009

Duke Chronicle News Articles

MLK Rolls Over in His Grave.  Duke Chronicle, September 16, 2009

Rises in Tuition.  Duke Chronicle, April 19, 2009

Veto Power Used Wisely.  Duke Chronicle, March 22, 2009

Crisis Shows Need for Substance. Duke Chronicle, September 22, 2008

False Hope Versus Real Change.  Duke Chronicle, November 4, 2008


News Articles Mentioning Cliff Satell:

Some of these articles are from the Duke Chronicle, some articles are from the Daily Tar Heel (UNC’s main paper) and other articles are from a blogger called Duke Fact Checker.

Justin Robinette Files Complaint Against Duke University.  Daily Tar Heel, November 18, 2010Cliff Satell Duke Student Government

Robinette, Cliff Satell file civil rights complaints.   Duke Chronicle, December 7, 2010

Boyle, Provost Escape Misconduct Charges as Duke Dean Goes off Deep End with Theory of Their Discrimination.  Duke Fact Checker,  September 28, 2010

Hoping for the End.  Duke Chronicle, September 14, 2010

Senate Must Disband College Republicans.  Duke Chronicle, September 13, 2010

Boyle quits as GOP Chair; Lefevre vetoes Senate’s stripping Republican Club of student funds.  Duke Fact Checker, September 11, 2010

DSG Pres vetos hold on DCR funding after leadership resigns.  Duke Chronicle, September 11, 2010

DCR loses annual funds, faces decharteringDuke Chronicle, September 9, 2010

Hotbed of hate, Republican club is defunded, defanged by student Senate.  Duke Fact Checker, September 9, 2010

Brodhead Meets with Robinette; First Involvement of President in Republican Hate Mail Controversy.  Duke Fact Checker, September 6, 2010

Former vice chair files new suit against College RepublicansDuke Chronicle, September 5, 2010

Robinette Files New Suit in Duke CR Discrimination Case.  Duke Chronicle, August 26, 2010

Anti-gay Graffiti on Bridge Reignites DCR Controversy.  Duke Chronicle, June 23, 2010

Duke College Republicans wait to hear charter’s fate.  Daily Tar Heel, April 20, 2010

Duke College Republicans chairman claims he was ousted because he is gay.  Daily Tar Heel, April 19, 2010

Duke College Republicans Impeach Chair.  Duke Chronicle, April 19, 2010

GOP Students Reflect on Political Culture.  Duke Chronicle, February 23, 2009

Change Has Come.  Duke Chronicle,  November 5, 2008

Chelsea Clinton Addresses Question About Lewinsky NBC17, April 18, 2008