Finally Joined Pinterest

Though I’m not in Pinterest’s core demographic – the site is reportedly over 80% women and the biggest age group is 30-40 year olds – I finally got curious enough to dive in.

I’ve never been the most prolific photographer, but since images and visual content generally have come to dominate social media, it seemed like I better check it out sooner than later.  I don’t plan to use it all that often – Twitter is still my go-to outlet for pithy comments, observations, news items and real-time conversations around big events like the World Cup.

Maybe I will be a mostly passive Pinterest user – there is so much engaging content on there waiting to be seen.  Everything from funny memes and animal shots to professional infographics and tech gadgets has a place on Pinterest.  Sure, the site has been utilized by artists, jewelry sellers, and other independent purveyors of physical goods that markets primarily toward soccer moms.  But since you can highly customize which boards you follow, it doesn’t seem hard to find relevant content that makes the time investment worthwhile.

Anyway, check out my first Pinterest board of pictures from the first and only Phillies game I’ve been able to make this year.  Conveniently, it was probably the single best game to attend all year since Jimmy Rollins broke the team’s all-time hits record that day (… the fireworks nights would be the best runner-up, at least this dismal year.)

Cliff Satell

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