Duke Era Over – Guess Who Finished College

Just completed – on a Saturday – my last ever college exam, in intellectual property.  Never again will I have to study for the 30 minutes before a written test for a grade.  Never again will I frantically read directions to make sure I don’t miss the word “not” somewhere (happens more often than you’d think.)  Never again will I memorize random information that will more than likely serve no value/purpose for me ever simply for the benefit of a letter.

Duke Graduation 2011 Wallace Wade

Duke 2011 Commencement ceremony
Jon Gardiner/Duke Photography

So, Bin Laden’s gone, Cliff Lee threw a career high 16 K’s, the Flyers were swept embarrassingly and I haven’t heard a peep out of Charlie Sheen or Donald Trump.  All in all a decent week.  Next week should be swell as well, lots to do, people to meet and then a final Duke ceremony at the end.  Soon enough.

But I’m looking forward most to being able to use the past tense when I say I live in Durham, NC.  No matter where I head, I’ll be encountering greener pastures, or at least pastures of any color.  Other than the Gardens at Duke, Durham isn’t exactly very… all-natural.
Anyway, only negative is that now I can never be on this list of the 10 richest people who never finished college.  (Gates, Jobs are the top two… Zuckerberg, Tom Hanks, James Cameron and Harrison Ford on there too.)


Cliff Satell

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